Privacy Policy

Plan My Tour India ("we" and "us" hereunder) values our customers and recognizes the importance of their privacy and maintaining confidentiality. The ensuing Privacy Policy Statement elaborates on how we collect, use, disclose, and delete personal information provided to us by customers/clients and users ("you" hereunder) when using our platform and associated services.

This statement also explains your rights to your privacy and role in determining what we do with the information we collect. You will also find details of how to contact us for further details or requests regarding personal information you share with us when availing our services and products or simply browsing our website.


By using and accessing this website, you consent to the collection, storage, and use of your personal data in the manner described in this Privacy Policy Statement and elsewhere on the Plan My Tour India website. If you do not agree to any of the terms and contents herein, please refrain from using or accessing this website.

General Browsing

You may visit and use this website for general/informational purposes without identifying yourself or disclosing any personal details. However, note that as you browse the website, it collects the IP address of your computer, log file, and performs other standard data tracking. This information is used to evaluate website traffic and performance, and study usage patterns. The information is collected from all site users and visitors with the ultimate aim of improving usability and the quality of services and products offered. The aggregate information from all site visits may also be used to personalize the website as per user preferences.

Sponsored and Co-Branded Content

This website may occasionally offer sponsored or co-branded content with identified third parties. These may include promotions, contests, advertisements, and sweepstakes, among other things. The third parties may obtain personal information by virtue of these activities, which site visitors voluntarily submit when they opt to participate in such undertakings.

Plan My Tour India has no control or say over how these third parties utilize the information you share with them. We cannot be held liable or responsible for your decision to provide personal details to any third party sites. It is advisable to review their Privacy Policies before disclosing any personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Some or all portions of this website may require you to provide personally identifiable information, such as your name, email address, telephone number, postal address, fax number, and credit card details. You may also need to share details of your travel needs, ticketing preferences, and other information that will help us facilitate travel arrangements on your behalf.

You need to furnish all required personal information to register as a member on our portal, purchase the products and services offered on this website, raise a query, participate in a contest or survey, and to complete a transaction on this website.

You may opt not to share any personal details with us. However, note that you may not be able to access this website and/or use our products and services unless you provide us with the information required to process your booking.

What information do we collect?

We may collect any and/or all of the following personal information from users/customers choosing to transact with us. We may require additional information besides the ones listed below, depending on the individual booking circumstances.

-     Name, age, gender, and date of birth

-     Country of residence

-     Contact details: postal address, email, telephone number, etc.

-     Family details, such as marital status and dependents (children, elderly parents, or others and their details)

-     Health: we can make it easy for you to access special assistance if needed

-     Dietary requirements: we can help provide your meal preference during flight and hotel bookings

-     Education and employment information: education details, your job title/designation, and organization you work for

-     Credit and/or Debit Card details: expiry date, billing address (in case of international cards), and other payment-related information

-     Passport number and frequent flier number (wherever applicable)

-     Financial and tax-related information: income, tax residency, investments, etc.

-     Your IP address, access times, browser type, and language

-     Transactional history: banking details, past bookings, e-commerce activities, and buying behavior

-     Data created/generated by you or any third-party which you wish to store on our servers (files, images, documents, etc.)

-     Loyalty data: loyalty program memberships, loyalty points balance, loyalty status, used loyalty points, and new loyalty memberships

-     Images, recordings, and videos you may upload on our website

-     Site interaction data: searches you conduct, current and past transactions, etc.

-     Recordings of your telephonic conversations with our representatives and call center executives

-     Details of other ways you interact with us, such as direct contact, chat support, email, mobile apps, SMS, etc.

-     CCTV footage and other details we collect when you visit our premises

-     Postings or messages concerning Plan My Tour India and its third parties on forums, blogs, social media sites, wikis, and other online and offline platforms

How do we collect information?

We obtain personal information from our customers, users, and visitors in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following.
A. Directly: We collect personal information through registrations and/or guest accounts for travel booking services. We may also retain information obtained via business cards, online forms on our website and/or mobile applications, written requests regarding reservations, registration for contests/surveys/other activities, and subscription to our newsletter. Information provided to us during direct visits to our office(s) is also retained. We may also obtain sensitive data when establishing a direct business relationship, performing professional contractual services, and/or through our hosted software applications.
B. Indirectly: We collect sensitive and private data through multiple indirect channels, including but not limited to travel agents, social media, other travel websites, and authorized representatives from whom you may seek services on behalf of others and/or our clients. We may update/add personal data to our customer relationship management records to serve you better, or to fulfill a legal obligation.

-     Public Sources: We may obtain personal information from public sources, such as including but not limited to news articles, internet searches, etc.

-     Business Clients: Our business clients may at times engage us to provide products and services offered by us. Such engagements may require us to process personal data under our business clients' control, which may or may not be hosted on our software applications. These engagements and other processing by us will be governed by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

-     Social Media and Professional Networking Sites: If you opt to login or register on our website using your social media credentials (LinkedIn, Google, etc.) to authenticate your identity and connect your social media login details with us, we will collect any information required to process your registration, which you permitted your social media provider to share with us. Information we collect in this manner may include your name, email address, and/or telephone number, depending on your privacy settings. If you do not wish to share personal information through these channels, please review and modify the privacy controls on the respective social media service provider to set a limit to what and how much you share with us.

Collection of Information by Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to external and third-party websites that may use cookies, web beacons, gifs, or other technology to present advertisements, promotions, contests, or surveys with the aim to help measure and research their campaign's effectiveness. The rules, policies, and information practices of such third-parties may vary from ours and are not covered by our Privacy Policy. It is advisable to consult the privacy statements and notices of these sites as we have no control over any information submitted to and/or collected by these parties from visitors, users, and customers.

Usage of Information Provided to Us

We use the personal and sensitive information you share with us to process your order/booking of our products and services. We may use the same for any additional customer service requests, notify you of special offers and promotions, and provide any other essential information that may be of interest to you. The aggregated information from all users is utilized to enhance and customize your interaction with the website.

Plan My Tour India does not sell or share your sensitive and personal information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to successfully complete your order and make travel arrangements with the associated entities, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. We use the information you provide for the following purposes and any others that may deem it necessary, depending on individual circumstances.

-     Creating a user account

-     Authenticate/validate your account to prevent misuse

-     Booking holidays - hotels, flights, tours, etc.

-     Making travel arrangements - car hire, buses, trains, and/or transfers

-     Send communications/updates regarding your bookings, transactions, and other activities via email, SMS, and instant messaging platforms

-     Send verification alerts or emails

-     To communicate directly with you, with your permission

-     Provide you with relevant suggestions and recommendations as per your tastes and preferences

-     Request for feedback and reviews of our services and products to help make improvements

-     Contact you on your on birthdays/anniversaries with special offers

-     To enhance user experience and improve the quality of our services and products

Disclosure of Information

We may share any or all your personal information with various entities as described below and elaborated in this Privacy Statement, as permitted by applicable law.

Business Partners: We may share your personal details with a business partner (or partners) if we offer a product(s) or service(s) in conjunction with them. It can be to assist in marketing or providing you with the associated service or product. In such instances, the offer or program may include the name of the business partner, either alone or alongside ours, and/or you may be redirected to the website of the respective business with due notice.

Travel Suppliers: We may share your personal information with travel-related suppliers, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, insurance providers, car rental companies, cruise lines, railways, bus services, holiday-rental property owners, and others, to fulfill booking obligations. Note that travel suppliers may contact you to seek additional personal details if and as necessary to successfully facilitate your booking order, or to otherwise provide travel or associated services.

Third-Party Service Providers: We may share your personal information with relevant third parties in connection with delivering the services and products you seek, and in line with our business operations. These third-party vendors and service providers are obligated and required to protect the personal details we share with them, and they may not use any directly identifying personal information except to provide the services and products we have contracted them for. They may not use the personal information we provide for their private direct marketing purposes, unless you have expressly consented to the terms of these third-party service providers.

Social Media and Online Platforms: We may share your personal information with social media sites, search engines, media agencies, and any other online platforms to assist us in our targeted online marketing activities. These sources/platforms may combine the information we share with them along with the data they hold on their own to reach target audiences that may be interested in our online advertising. As part of the endeavor, the social media and online platforms we share information with may build a “prototype” profile of the type of customers we are targeting, to provide relevant and specific adverts when such individuals browse the internet or use these social media sites and other online platforms.

Targeted Advertising Partners: We may share your personal information with our third-party marketing partners for effective targeted advertising. You may be able to opt out of such disclosures, but that may limit our ability to personalize your experience, and we may not be able to provide you with suggestions relevant to your travel preferences.

Cross-Border Transfer: We may share your personal details with third-party companies and service providers we do business with in various countries worldwide to facilitate hassle-free reservations and bookings. We may also share information with countries which are linked to your engagement with us, or from which you routinely receive/transmit information.

Legal Obligations: We may share your personal information and any associated data records to enforce our policies, as essential to fulfill our tax and other regulatory reporting obligations. This may include remission of certain taxes during the course of processing payments, or elsewhere we are permitted (or believe that we are obligated, in good faith) to do so by applicable law (e.g. in response to a subpoena or another legal request). We may disclose personal details in connection with proposed or actual litigation, and/or to protect and defend our rights, property, people, and interests.

Corporate Transactions: We may share your personal information and sensitive data records in connection with corporate transactions, such as mergers, asset sales or assignments, consolidation, divestiture, and in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. In instances of any acquisition, we may notify the buyer that the personal information you provide us with and which we pass on to them must be used only for the purposes expressed and disclosed in this Privacy Statement.

Data Security - How We Protect Your Personal Information

Maintaining confidentiality and ensuring the security of your personal details is of utmost importance to us. As such, we have a range of sophisticated encryption, organizational measures, and other security protocols in place to protect sensitive information that you provide us with. Our stringent security policies and measures are designed to protect against the loss, misuse, and any alteration of the personal data under our control. Also, we periodically review our data security systems, policies, and practices to keep modifying them as per the changing requirements.

However, note that secure transmission of data over the internet cannot be guaranteed, as the internet is not a secure environment. We assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of your personal information due to transmission errors, unauthorized access, and any other causes beyond our control. You are advised to use secure devices and keep your passwords, user name, login details, and other vital credentials confidential to prevent unauthorized access, hacking, and similar unethical practices. We are not liable or responsible for the consequences resulting from your failure to follow these security measures.

Your Data Protection Rights

Request to Access and Correction: You may seek a copy of your personal information we hold (which you have provided) and request modifications or deletions.

Withdraw Consent: At any given time, you may opt to withdraw consent you have given to process and use your personal information for one or more purposes. This will not alter or affect the legality of any processing carried out prior to your withdrawing your consent or declining to give required permissions. However, note that once you withdraw consent, your access to our website may be limited, and/or we may not be able to provide certain products and services to you.

Right to Erasure: You may ask us to delete your personal information once you've retracted consent. When we no longer need your personal data to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected, we may erase it, subject to the data retention requirements under applicable law, rules, guidelines, by-law, and regulations, to meet our regulatory/legal obligations.

Unsubscribe: You may unsubscribe to our newsletter if you do not wish to receive customized offers suited to your travel preferences based on the information you provide us with.

Retention of Users’ Personal Information

We have the right to retain users' personal data on our servers for as long as it is reasonably necessary for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. We may retain the data for longer periods of time if necessary (for contractual obligations, regulatory investigations, statutes of limitations, litigation holds, etc.) in accordance with the applicable law.

When your personal information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected and others mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we may either securely delete it or store it in a manner wherein it will no longer be used by the business.

Please Note that even after your account has been terminated, we retain the right to your transactional data for as long as we have a legitimate reason to do so, in accordance with the applicable rules and law. This includes assisting with legal obligations, enforcing agreements, and resolving disputes. Thereby, we may retain and share such data pursuant of this Privacy Policy even after your account is terminated.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Many of the web pages on this website use "cookies'' to enhance user experience. Cookies are text files placed in your computer's browser to store your preferences. The cookies may be delivered by us or by third-party suppliers and partners. The cookies do not provide us with any of your personal information by themselves, unless you opt to provide these details to us as aforesaid. In the instance you furnish the site with your personal details, your information may be linked with the data stored in the cookie.

The cookies are used to understand website usage and improve functionality, content, and other offerings, wherever necessary. For instance, we may use cookies to create a more personalized experience for you on our web pages, such as recognizing you by name when you return to our website. The cookies may also save your passwords in secure, encrypted areas, besides offering products, services, and/or programs suited to your preferences. We may also, on occasion, use the information stored in cookies to advertise online or provide marketing information, either directly or via third-party vendors.

A majority of web browsers will automatically accept cookies. However, you may opt not to accept a cookie by altering your computer’s settings and preferences to refuse cookies or to prompt you to accept each cookie individually. Note that if you decline cookies, you may not be able to access our website and/or use many/all of the products and services we offer.

We may also opt to use "Web beacons" or “Clear GIFs” on this website. These are small pieces of code placed on a web page to monitor user behavior and pattern, and collect data about the visitors’ viewing/browsing a web page. Web beacons and Clear GIFs may also be used to keep track of the number of users visiting a particular web page or to deliver a cookie to the browsers of visitors viewing that web page.


Minors are not permitted/eligible to register and transact on our website, and purchase the products and services offered by us. We cannot distinguish the age of persons who access and browse our website, and therefore, we do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from any minor. Parents and guardians are advised to ensure associated minors do not access their user accounts and share personal details. We are not liable or responsible for your failure to do so.

The limited circumstances under which we might need to collect the personal information of minors include: as part of a booking or reservation, or the purchase of any other travel-related service. We adhere to associated laws when collecting information on minors, ensuring necessity, clarity, purpose, transparency, and security, and we take stringent measures to protect such sensitive data.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, amend, or modify this Privacy Policy Statement at any time to suit various business, customer, and/or legal requirements. We may notify the users of any changes as may be necessary. You are advised to periodically check our Privacy Policy for modifications, changes, and updates. Your continued use of our website after alterations to our Privacy Policy implies that you consent to its updated terms, conditions, and policies.

Contact Us

You may contact us if you have any queries, concerns, or comments about the contents of this Privacy Policy Statement. You may also inquire about our personal data handling practices, and/or exercise your right to access, rectify, or request deletion of your personal information. To do so, write to us at:


Users should note that this Privacy Policy Statement does not apply to any website, mobile apps of third parties, and others, even if they are associated with us. Note that the Privacy Policies of our business partners, sponsors, advertisers, and other associated sites may be materially different from our Privacy Policy. As such, it is recommended that users review the Privacy Policy of any such third parties they interact with through their booking process.