Refund Policy

Plan My Tour India Pvt. Ltd. ("us" "our" and "we" hereunder) has an easy refund policy to ensure users/visitors/customers ("you" hereunder) have a hassle-free time canceling reservations or bookings of services and products on our website. Please note that all booking fares are subject to date change and cancellation policy. Any cancellation (if applicable and allowed) must be done at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the departure. The penalty will not be waived if the user is upgrading to a higher class. The cancellation penalties may vary if the cancellation is not done as per the terms and conditions herein and the set guidelines to do so.

Refund Terms

If you cancel your domestic and/or international holiday -

  • 30 days or more before date of departure: 25% of total cost

  • 29 to 20 days before date of departure: 50% of total cost

  • 19 days or less before date of departure: 100% of total cost

Refund Processing and Reflection

  • The refund amount (if applicable) will reflect in the same account that was used by the customer/user to make the payment at the time of booking/reservation.

  • It may take 10 to 15 business working days for the refund amount to reflect in the original payment mode, or perhaps longer, depending on the individual case, banking hours, and applicable refund policy.

  • Refunds will be made by the party that took your original payment, and we are not liable and/or responsible for a third-party provider's refund process, time, and policy.

  • Refunds for no-show (flights, properties, and/or hotels) will only be applicable and due in line with the relevant law, rules, and restrictions of the respective authority.

Flight Cancellations

If your flights get canceled, we will initiate a refund (subject to airline policy), and may deduct a specific amount as a service charge and applicable bank charges, and the charge will differ for domestic and international travel. The user must send an email to (email ID), detailing your online reference number and canceled flight details. In some instances, you may need to mail us a stamped copy provided by the respective airline and any other additional documents we may require to process the refund successfully.

When changes are made to your booking/reservation by us or travel providers, we will intimate you of the same and seek a response. If you fail to respond within a stipulated time, we will assume you have chosen to accept the changes/modifications/alternative services. Refund for cancellations and modifications arising out of these circumstances from your end after the stipulated time period may not be applicable in most cases, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Cancellation or Change by You

You do not have an automatic right to modify, cancel, or change a booking/reservation unless the respective travel and/or service provider allows it under their rules, policies, regulations, and restrictions. If allowed, you can make the modifications, cancellations, or changes via your account, and accept that cancellation and/or modification charges may be applicable, depending on the relevant service provider. You may even contact us directly via phone to request cancellations or modifications, and the same charges will be applicable when done this way.

In certain extenuating circumstances (such as extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances occurring at your intended travel destination or in its immediate vicinity, like war or political unrest), you may be able to cancel your booking before departure without paying any cancellation charges, and may also qualify for a full refund, depending on the specific qualifying law, rules, and policies. In such instances, you may receive a full refund, but accept that we are not liable to pay you any compensation. Please note that your right to cancel your booking under these circumstances will apply only wherein the Foreign Office advises against travel to your intended destination or its immediate vicinity.

Please note that prices tend to increase the closer to the departure date that the changes/cancellations are made. Some cancellations may not be refundable, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the third-party vendors, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruises, bus and rail companies. Some tickets may be reusable at a later date, depending on the rules and regulations of the respective service provider.

Terms and Conditions

  • Plan My Tour India Pvt. Ltd. has the sole authority for interpretation of this refund policy and all its related terms and conditions.

  • Our fees and charges are non-refundable, unless expressly stated otherwise at the time of booking.

  • We and the relevant travel provider(s) may cancel your booking without notice if the payment for your booking and/or the applicable cancellation/change charge or fee related to the booking is not received by the due time.

  • We retain the right to cancel your booking if you opt for the Pay Later option but fail to make the full payment by the due period/date.

  • Changes in names are not allowed and tickets are non-transferable in most instances, unless expressed otherwise.

  • If you make a booking and fail to show up or cancel the reservation, the property and/or service provider may levy a cancellation/no-show charge as per the relevant rules and policies.

  • If you fail to use some of or all of the travel services you booked, refund for each will vary based on the individual policies of each service provider.

  • The user agrees not to misuse or abuse the refund policy and any other cancellation offers that may be occasionally offered on this website.

  • We reserve the right to deny, at our sole discretion, all offers and cancellation refunds and bookings in cases where users are found to be misusing them.

  • Users who are travel booking agents by profession are not permitted to make reservations and bookings for their customers on this website. We retain the right to deny such bookings/reservations and any canceled refunds therein.

  • We reserve the right to add/modify/change/alter any and/or all of these terms and conditions and refund policies at any time without prior notice. We may retract an offer altogether and replace it with another without giving any reason whatsoever.


Unless stated otherwise, fares and prices displayed on this website do not include travel insurance charges and any associated refunds. Users are advised to take insurance that can cover the consequences of specific cancellation and risks, including but not limited to the cost of repatriation in the event of illness, accident, or death. You agree that you are solely responsible for ensuring that any insurance policy you take provides adequate coverage to your specific needs. You agree and undertake that any travel insurance you take from third-party vendors is at your sole discretion, responsibility, and risk, and we are not liable or responsible for it in any way whatsoever.

Group Bookings and Meals

The user agrees to book a limited number of rooms, as per the applicable policy, when opting for group bookings. Violation of these rules may lead to cancellation of your bookings, and we may also charge you a cancellation fee, and you will forfeit any non-refundable deposit you make at the time of such bookings. Likewise, if meals are part of your individual and/or group booking, no refunds will be available if one or more meals already paid for are not consumed during the holiday.

Limited Liability

Each travel service provided separately, including but not limited to flights, hotels, cruises, buses, trains, tours, car rental, etc. is subject to its individual cancellation and refund policy, depending on the respective service provider. We make no guarantees regarding the refund policies and terms and conditions of third-party service providers. We are not liable or responsible if you neglect to review the cancellation and refund policy before proceeding with date changes, modifications, and/or cancellation of your reservation on this website. Reviews and ratings of services and products on this website are subject to change overtime. We are not liable or responsible for your decision to cancel or make a booking based on these reviews and ratings, and any refund related to such cancellations will be governed by the applicable rules, law, and policies. We are not liable or responsible for any damages or losses arising due to force majeure events and other instances beyond our control. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this refund policy and other terms and conditions mentioned elsewhere on this website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of (Hyderabad/Telangana).